Management is a tool essential for successful organization. Good management is the backbone of organizations. It is process of pcontrolling things or people and getting work done through other people to achieve organization goal.

Explanation in hindi/urdu

management boht zarori hai ksy b business k leye. ager hume apne business ko grow kerna hai to management ko thek kerna hoga. achi management backbone ki tarah kam kerti hai ksy b business ko aage barane k leye. management ka kam hota hai dosro se jitna behtr hosake utna behtr kam kerwana organization k goals aur objectives achieve kerne k leye

There are Four functions of management

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. leading
  4. Controlling


Planning is the first function of management It is very important because you want a detail actions plan aimed should be how to achieve organization goal.

for example: you have a project of organizing a work shop so first you have to make plan and decide budget, who will be team, which task you have do, which place and many more. these all thing are part of planning you have to decide it first.


The second function of management organizing in this phase you have to determine how he/she using recourse and organizing the team because teamwork is very important and keep in mind assigning duty is very much important it’s duty of team leader/project head to assign duties to team members and also provide directions to achieve organizational goal according to the plan.

for example: We have plan now we have to organize whole plan in this phase distributing the duties, booking place, listing participate, guest refreshment and keep eye on group member work and properly monitor it.


A good leader know how to work done by other. A important quality of a leader is to empower other. In this phase of management you have to lead and give directions to your group member/employees. So It your responsibility to motivating, inspiring, encouraging and monitor their works to achieve organization goal.


The last function of management in this phase we have to control all the actions that we take for project and compare our performance with our planning which we done in first phase and if we are not going according to plan take necessary action which needed.

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