Time And Life

Time and life the most precious thing on the earth which never come back. Time he asset of everyone’s life. Why I am saying time is the asset because every thing that we want to do we need time, We does not understand the value of it. Our life time is start from our birth and end on our death, In between this timeline you have to decide about your life, how you want to spend it. Life is a journey which include different phases.

Phases of life

  1. Childhood
  2. love life
  3. Student life
  4. Professional life
  5. Married Life
  6. Being a Parent
  7. Old aged


Our best time of life is our childhood, Gaming with friend studying in school, watching cartoon discussing it with friends, our childhood fight all are the best memories of us we don’t have any tension of such thing like earning money, load of work, job. If you ask people which are there best time of life, the most of people answer should be there childhood because childhood is the magical era of our life what ever we become magical.

Love life

Love is the beautiful which carry best memories and the love begins from Childhood. Love the best feeling of our life teenage the age of first love, the golden era of our life, we never forget our first love in our life. I don’t have words to explain the feeling how’s the feeling is. for me it’s the best feeling in the world but there is also other side of love and that is 95% of people does not get there first love.

Student Life

Student life the phase of memories one of the memorable phase in our life from schooling to university life we meet different people, we make different relations there our friends become like our family there, the relation with our teacher they are our best inspirations they encourage us to achieve our goals. Student life is not just about studying it’s a experience of different world from school to university we experience many emotions some times we became happy, some time sad , some time bored some times entertained but in all emotions we have our friends there which is not possible in other place. Every feeling is priceless the best memories which we carry till our death and keep smiling when ever we memorize those memories.

Professional life

Professional life this phase of life need focus on our work what ever you do be professional if you want to become successful. you have to focus on work keep in mind never ever give-up. there is only one solution of problem just face it, if you try to run from your problem believe me they become more bigger. This phases includes rise and fall our professionalism define our future.

Married Life

Married life the entry of new person in our life. the beautiful and blessed relation which become so important for us. Every think look like so perfect first year of married life is a gem and memorable. New responsibilities comes with married life just like caring your partner, understand each other and children. This phase is life changing phases A unrevealed person become your responsibility and your first priority.

Being a Parent

Being a parent is the happiest feeling. Parent is a big responsibility till being a parent we only care for our self but after being a parent our all concerns shift from us to our child we just want to give our child the best life, best education only the best things and we realize in this phase how much our parents sacrifices for us our parent do everything for us but now a day there child don’t give back even 1% keep in mind what you are doing for your child same things your parents do for you try to keep your parents happy and your child make you feel happy one day.

Old Aged

Old Aged is dark phase of our life one day you become older and it’s a truth my friend, no matter how much intelligent you are, no matter how stronger you are but one day you become weaker, no matter how much beautiful are you one one all things ends at that time you want your childhood back, your youngness back but remember one thing time never comes back, time is king. Life is a short trip which ends one day so enjoy it.


Know the value of your Time and life. Time is the thing that never come back the priceless thing in the planet and we waste our time without thinking that what we are doing. Your current actions decide where you’ll reach as sooner as you perceive the worth of your time your life becomes more valuable 

Take 5 mints and ask questions from yourself

why you come in this world?

what’s your aim as a human being?

what you are doing?

What you want to do?

If you understand the value of this blog your life will be change.

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