Time And Life

Time and life the most precious thing on the earth which never come back. Time he asset of everyone's life. Why I am saying time is the asset because every…

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Statistics in simple way

Statistics is the process of data collection about organizing and presentation in a good manner. Types of statistics Descriptive Statistics Inferential Statistics Descriptive Statistics Deals with data collection or organizing…

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Competition is a activity or condition to gain or win something by establishing superiority over other parties involved. Types of market competition perfect competition Imperfect competition MonopolyMonopolisticOligopolyDuopoly Perfect competition: A…

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Demand And Supply
demand and supply

Demand And Supply

Demand: Demand is depend on customer want total quantity customers are willing and able to purchase is called demand. there are two types of demand. Direct demand derived demandJoint demandCompetitive…

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economics is a knowledge of social science deals with production, manufacturing, consumption, saving, shifting of wealth etc. It teach that how people prepare themselves in order to allocate scarce resources…

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